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 Planning for Your Future

Our consulting services rapidly separate those ideas that have the potential to be successful from those that truly are a “bridge too far” for the organizational context.  We use early alignment and validation techniques to ensure we are moving in the right strategic direction and identify those stakeholders that need to be involved and engaged to make change planning become a reality.  Our consensus-based decision-making approach is proven to produce outcomes that resonate with stakeholders and helps them get their teams behind a new initiative and gain early commitment and momentum.  Let us help plan your next 10 years.



Road Map to Change…

When faced with a variety of options for business investment, strategic initiatives, mergers, acquisitions or any other major change initiative, organizations require confidence in selecting the most appropriate roadmap for change from the myriad of options open to them.

DecisionWorks has extensive experience in the development of roadmaps for change based on industry best practice, benchmarking, return on investment (ROI) scenarios, financial models and supporting business cases. Our methodology incorporates visualization and  detailed analysis models, that provide accurate forecasting. Coupled with our proprietary Decision Making Framework methodology, the identification of optimal roadmaps for change emerges.


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