Facilitation and Visualization
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There is Wisdom in this Room…

Our facilitators have the mindset that there is wisdom in the room of people that are participating, and their job is to ensure everyone is heard and no one dominates.

DecisionWorks believes in a highly dynamic approach to group facilitation using a team-based facilitation strategy. Through audience participation and graphical scribing techniques, we create engaging meetings that make the best possible use of our clients’ valuable time.

DecisionWorks uses graphical tools and processes to generate dialogue in our workshops, create alignment, articulate a vision, and catalyze action. During our facilitated sessions, you can truly feel the passion, energy, and excitement in the room as ideas are built, consensus is gained, and decisions are made.


Not just Fancy Note Taking

Graphical facilitation is not just a fad or fancy way to capture minutes of a meeting – it is a method to find a common language that crosses age, experience, gender, and seniority boundaries.  Graphical facilitation is a combination of group facilitation and graphical scribing – in this case with a facilitator specifically experienced to work collaboratively with the scribe in order to maximize the capture of key concepts, discussions, vision, and outcomes.

Graphic Recording with Autodesk SketchBook

Finding a Common Language

Consensus is easier to achieve if everyone speaks the same language. Visualization is that language.

Through our use of custom high-impact graphics and storyboards, DecisionWorks helps our clients to visualize complex issues. Visualization is used to convey important messages and can become a rallying point for team members.


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